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1. Are BENTLEY clothes still made in Great Britain?
BENTLEY garments were never all made in the UK. Some countries make certain garments especially well. That is why, in the past, we have had some clothing made in Italy, some garments are made further afield, and some products continue to be British manufactured. Of course, all our designs are British.

2. I used to buy BENTLEY at my golf club. Can I still buy there?
We stopped distributing through sports clubs some time ago. You can buy BENTLEY on our website and in many of the better high street stores.

3. Was 1962 a special year?
It certainly was! BENTLEY was established in 1962.

4. Are you associated with the Bentley car company?
No. If you want a beautifully designed and crafted car, buy a Bentley motor car. But if you want your clothes beautiful and stylish, come to us. We’ve been designing and making clothing of the highest quality since 1962, including for some of Britain’s most luxurious fashion houses. We’re experts at what we do.